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Single-trial decoding of movement intentions using functional ultrasound neuroimaging (機能的超音波ニューロイメージングを使用した運動意図の単一試行デコーディング)

Sumner L. Norman, David Maresca, Vassilios N. Christopoulos, Mickael Tanter, Mikhail G. Shapiro
Richard A. Andersen カリフォルニア工科大学 (California Institute of Technology) 生物学・生物工学科
Published: March 22, 2021 DOI:

• Functional ultrasound (fUS) images motor planning activity in non-human primates
• fUS neuroimaging can predict single-trial movement timing, direction, and effector
• This is a critical step toward less-invasive and scalable brain-machine interfaces

本論文のハイライト ①機能的超音波(fUS)は、非ヒト霊長類の運動計画活動をイメージングする。②fUSによるイメージングは、単一試行の動きのタイミング、方向、およびエフェクターを予測できる。③これは、侵襲性が低くスケーラブルなブレインマシンインターフェースに向けた重要なステップである。


New technologies are key to understanding the dynamic activity of neural circuits and systems in the brain. Here, we show that a minimally invasive approach based on ultrasound can be used to detect the neural correlates of movement planning, including directions and effectors. While non-human primates (NHPs) performed memory-guided movements, we used functional ultrasound (fUS) neuroimaging to record changes in cerebral blood volume with 100 μm resolution. We recorded from outside the dura above the posterior parietal cortex, a brain area important for spatial perception, multisensory integration, and movement planning. We then used fUS signals from the delay period before movement to decode the animals’ intended direction and effector. Single-trial decoding is a prerequisite to brain-machine interfaces, a key application that could benefit from this technology. These results are a critical step in the development of neuro-recording and brain interface tools that are less invasive, high resolution, and scalable.

Keywords: functional ultrasound neuroimaging, single-trial decoding, movement planning, Brain-machine interface
Posterior parietal Cortex, Saccade, Reach, Non-human primate

参考:Ultrasound reads monkey brains, opening new way to control machines with thought

Neuralink Progress Update, Summer 2020


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